grumpy baby

Who’s trying to hack my site and why?!

Although I’ve stopped writing, I get as many as 400 failed attempts to hack into this site every day! Who knew the Big Sister’s...
self defeating

An end to self-defeating behaviour

Have to take a break from The Big Sister’s Guide. (Have to parent.) Thanks for following. Xxj  

Ted Talk – Catwalk model admits the truth

You know I love to share a good Ted Talk, and you know I’m concerned about girls and body images (which mother isn’t?) This...

3 Tips for Thank You Gifts (Bah, Humbug!)

Do you love giving thank you gifts?┬áDon’t you find it always ends in disappointment? Call me cynical, but I find that the more effort...
child and kite

Outing Review: Dunstable Downs Kite Flying Hill

For a sweet, super-cheap and simple outing, take a drive up to Dunstable Downs, near Whipsnade. It’s a National Trust site set on a...
boo boo

Magic Kisses

He hobbles in from the garden, clutching his knee and howling with pain. This is the third such incident in the past half hour,...

Amazing Children; Amazing Parents

This video shows how Patrick Hughes, born blind and crippled, triumphs in the face of adversity. With the help of his devoted father, the...

Talking about child protection with your children: NSPCC’s new campaign is PANTS

The NSPCC says that parents should be talking to their children about child abuse in the same way we talk about road safety or...

5 Reasons you gotta love Grandparents (plus bonus video)

Today’s post is an homage to grandparents. (And, true to topic, there’s a special video treat in store, too.) As Honest Toddler says, You...
water bombs

Playful Parenting

(Oooh! You are going to love the link at the end of this post…) We are constantly facing the ‘problems’ of parenting: How to...